Monday, May 10, 2010

May Term

What an exciting time at S-O High School...May Term is going strong and our students are making a lot of great connections to their classroom learning. I am curious if you have a favorite May Term class or if you have a positive May Term learning experience that you would like to share (that you experienced or your child(ren) experienced).

Hit the comments button below and share what you like about May Term.

Thanks and have a great week,

Supt Herzberg


  1. I have really enjoyed teaching May term. I taught zoology, astronomy and teacher academy. I think I enjoyed teacher academy the most. It was invigorating to see young teachers in action. I also enjoyed seeing other teachers and their successful strategies.

    I think May term can be a very positive experience for everyone, so long as everyone takes it seriously and uses it as an opportunity to expand their learning.

  2. I thought that the may term classes that I have taken this year were great. This year I had taken several education classes. I thought that the were not only helpful for future careers, but also a lot of fun. I enjoyed the classes that I had this year more than may term classes previous years.

    Patrick Coleman

  3. Mr. Herzberg,
    My favorite class this May Term would have to be teacher academy. This class was a great learning experience and I really enjoyed it. For this class we had to pick a class we would like to be a student teacher in, my class was Mrs. Meidema's second graders. Every day I went to the elementary school and I did different things every day, some days I would help students one-on-one and other days I would be working with the whole entire class. This was really a great experience because it helped me decide if I really want to be a teacher in the future and if that is the grade I would be a good teacher in. Also, it showed many things, like how different age groups act with other children. This May Term was a great experience, thank you for letting us have the opportunity to have these experiences!
    Lynette Matthiesen

  4. Mr. Herzberg, I am enjoying May Term. This is my first year here at Sibley Ocheyedan, therefore this is my first year in May Term. I like the idea of May Term, I think its a good way to experience careers and yet learn new things. My two favorite classes are Teacher Academy and Zoology! The trip to the Omaha Zoo was very educational as well as our Nature Hunts. Teacher Academy was also very rewarding, I learned many new things about teaching i didn't know, and have a greater appreciation towards my teachers!
    Thank You!
    Chelsey Taylor

  5. I feel as if my favorite May Term learning experience was getting the opportunity to teach elementary students every day. The different reactions of kids really made my day go great. From this experience I feel as if I understand more kids, and where they come from. It’s amazing how many kids gel together and really get along. I can already see different kids with tons of potential and skills! That was my favorite May Term learning experience.

  6. I think that May term this year is very good! So many people are getting introduced to so many opportunities. I have learned many things this year in may term like what I might do when I grow up, or how to understand students better, and even how to find different constellations in the sky. May term is a great experience for all the kids at S-O and this is a tradition that should be carried on for many years to come!

  7. This May Term I was able to be in all the classes I signed up for. My favorite class would have to be 'Teacher Academy.' This would be because I was able to choose a grade I wanted to work with. It was an awesome experience because I have made up my mind of my future career. I really enjoyed working with the second graders, and I couldn't have asked for a better class than I got. I'm so glad we had this class this year!