Friday, April 9, 2010

Who were all those people in our schools today?

Sibley-Ocheyedan schools were host to a group of seven visitors today from the area who were here helping to improve our work with students. Superintendents from Denison, Schleswig, MOC-FV, and Rock Valley as well as three representatives from Northwest AEA were here as part of the Superintendent Network.

As part of my own professional development, I have been part of this group which is working through Richard Elmore's Instructional Rounds for Education model that has been created in the image of the medical model of improvement. A group of educational leaders have been traveling to member school districts each month during the school year to observe classrooms, provide feedback about the observations and then make suggestions on how to improve something that the school district is interested in getting better at.

We asked our visitors to observe our classrooms for two things that we are trying to meld together to meet the needs of our students in the 21st Century:

1) Engagement of our students with technology.
2) Engagement of our students into higher order thinking skills (the upper three levels of Blooms' Taxonomy which are Analyzing, Evaluating and Creating).

It was a fantastic day...a lot of very positive comments about our schools and our staff members and great suggestions for making the next step towards continual improvement. We will make the full report available for staff in the next few weeks and then I will write an article for the newspaper so everyone can see what the visitors thought about the S-O schools.

A big thank you to all the teachers we were able to observe (all 16 of you) and as usual, for the great behavior or our students.

Have a great weekend,

Supt Herzberg

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